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Raftaar Singh is a fun-loving man but un-educated. His naughtiness kept his parents worried. Raftaar gets kicked out of his home by his father and his father gives an ultimatum that he can only come back if he will do job with his (father's) friend in Goa or marry Navjot's daughter, Sweety. Raftaar chooses the former as he thinks that Sweety is a fat girl who will give him a huge problem. On the other side in Romania lives Sara. Sara Rana lost her mother but hopes that she is still alive. Her father, Mr. Rana, took a wrong choice and worked as Mafia.

Mark, a great mafia who wants to marry Sara is obstructed by her, even by Mark's father. Mark soon kills his own father and hunts for Sara but she escapes to Goa. Raftaar meets his boss Kripal Singh (his father's friend) and he successfully gets a job to take care of Sara for the time she is in India, but the problem is that he doesn't know English language and Sara doesn't know Hindi language . Raftaar lies that he knows English in fear that he could be fired. Raftaar and his friends meets Sara at the airport. Raftaar hires a translator, Emily, as she knows both English and Hindi languages. Sara meet Raftaar's boss and feels safe but thinks that Raftaar is a bad guy. In time Raftaar accepts his mistake that he once made and his boss feels proud. Sara soon finds out that Raftaar is a good guy, when she sees him helping the women whom the bad guys were flirting with. The goons who were in search of Raftaar get beaten by Sara.

Emily is shocked on seeing her that she knows how to fight. But Raftaar doesn't see this. Raftaar's friends and Sara get kidnapped soon by the same goons. Raftaar tries to save them, in this process Raftaar is able to beat some goons but unfortunately gets badly beaten, Sara later helps them and beats all the goons. She then feels happy and proud of his goodness and start liking him. Raftaar's boss feels happy with his job that has done well and he becomes best businessman. When Mark learns that Sara is in Goa he sends his men to bring her back. His men breach and try to catch her but she escape with Raftaar in car but unfortunately get hit. Raftaar get beaten, but later beat them all except a woman who is soon beaten by Sara. Raftaar decides to take Sara to his home according to his boss' advice.

Sara goes to Punjab with Raftaar and meets his parents. She remembers her childhood by seeing Raftaar and her mother together. Sara feels happy after staying with Raftaar in Punjab for few days. Raftaar's father speak about Raftaar's goodness and asks Sara that what is the connection between her and Raftaar, she finally reveals that she is in love with Raftaar. Emily also had earlier handed responsibility to Raftaar to find Sara's lost mother. She tells Raftaar the final location and Raftaar returns to Goa with Sara. Sara goes to an old house where she used to live and has a flashback of her childhood, but heartbroken she thinks that she won't find her mother anymore. Sara decides to go back to Romania and she would never return. Raftaar feels heartbroken seeing her leaving after failing to tell Sara his feelings.

Sara returns to Romania, she receive news that her father was shot when he refuses his daughter hand in marriage with Mark. She meets his father who is alive admitted in hospital. Raftaar successfully finds Sara's mother and brings her to Romania, she reunites with her husband and her daughter Sara. Sara then finally and happily confessed her love to Raftaar. Raftaar feels happy and decides to marry Sara. Raftaar inform his mother and purchases cake, flower bouquet and new clothes and goes to church but is angered when he saw Sara is about to marry Mark. Sara refuses to marry Mark when she saw Raftaar. Mark challenges Raftaar for a fight, Raftaar accepts and fights him and his men, Raftaar managed to beat Mark men but unfortunately get shot unconscious. Sara worried that Raftaar will die but he wakes up after remembering the lessons taught by his father and resume fights with Mark. Raftaar is able to beat the mafia and Mark, who dies after saying "You're too good, Sardaar (Chieftain)" but left Raftaar hanging by the side of a bridge. Sara and Raftaar confess their love to each other. Raftaar is saved and return to Punjab and celebrates his happiness with his friends, father and Sara. The film ends with the song "Singh and Kaur" in which Raftaar and Sara Rana performed a feat.

Akshay Kumar as Raftaar Singh[5]
Kay Kay Menon as Mark
Amy Jackson as Sara Rana
Lara Dutta as Emily
Pradeep Rawat as Kripal Singh
Anil Mange as Pompy
Arfi Lamba as Pappy
Rati Agnihotri as Raftaar's Mother
Yograj Singh as Raftaar's Father
Kunal Kapoor as Mr.Rana as Sara's Father[6]
Sunny Leone as the Airline Passenger (Special Appearance)

Filmmaker Prabhudheva and actor Akshay Kumar at the film's screening
In early 2014, it was announced that actor Akshay Kumar and director Prabhudheva would be reuniting for another film after their previous blockbuster, Rowdy Rathore. Soon after, it was confirmed that the film is titled Singh Is Bliing and is to be produced by Grazing Goat Pictures.[7] Kumar had also shot some scenes with a real lion.[8]

It was assumed that the film is a sequel to 2008 film Singh Is Kinng, but Kumar cleared that it is not the sequel to the former. [9][10][11]

After Akshay Kumar was signed on for the lead role, Kriti Sanon was signed on for the female lead after replacing Kareena Kapoor.[12][13] After training for the role, Sanon eventually quit the role and opted out for the film, and was then replaced by Amy Jackson.[14]

Lara Dutta, who was last seen in bilingual film David (2013) (Hindi / Tamil), made a comeback with Singh Is Bling.[15][16]

Kay Kay Menon played the role of an antagonist named "Mark".[17] Earlier, it was reported that actor Vivek Oberoi will play the negative role in the film, but later replaced by Menon.[18]

Actor Kunal Kapoor, who was last seen in Trikaal, returned in the film playing Jackson's father[6]


Final portions of the film was shot in Romania's Hunedoara Castle[19]
Principal photography started in early April 2015. Kumar posted a photo on Twitter stating the film's first day shoot.[20][21] The film started its first day shoot in Patiala[22] Some portions of the film was reportedly shot in Goa in early May 2015.[23][24] The final portion of the film including the climax was reportedly shot in Romania's Hunedoara Castle in first week of July.[19][25][26]

Objections by Sikh clergy[edit]

The Holy Golden Temple of Amritsar's images in the film's trailer sparked controversy for being equated with alcohol and chicken
Shri Akal Takht Jathedar, Giani Gurbachan Singh objected some scenes in Trailer and said that equating Holy Golden Temple with whisky and chicken is highly objectionable and also film posters which has Kada with inscribed Gurbani shown with semi-clad women. They appealed that Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee should be consulted by all film producers before producing movies showing Sikh characters, Sikh religious places and Sikh's religious symbols.[27][28][29]

Some Sikh organisations raised objections to scenes of the film which contained Kada used as a weapon and the lead character's turban set on fire. Central Board of Film Certification decided to delete these scenes from the film. Actor Akshay Kumar screened the movie for the organisations to ensure nothing that would hurt the Sikh community was shown.[30]

Critical response[edit]
Shubha Shetty Saha from Mid Day described the comedy as "random and silly", but commented that "it is this randomness that also makes it a breezy, entertaining film for most part of it".[31] Devesh Sharma from Filmfare wrote that filmgoers should "watch the film if you like cornball comedies".[32] Shubhra Gupta from The Indian Express, however, was less receptive to the film, which she rated 1.5 stars of 5, expounding, "The only thing which saves it is that it wears its silliness proudly on its hero's pug (turban)."[33]

Rohit Vats from Hindustan Times noted the film's plot holes, poor screenplay and problematic dialogue.[34] Saibal Chatterjee from NDTV wrote, "What is irretrievably amiss with the film is that nothing it says manages to drift anywhere near some degree of coherence."[35] Surbhi Redkar from Koimoi commented, "Akshay Kumar's Singh Is Bliing is enjoyable in parts but as a whole it is not up-to the mark. It loses its bling over time and you are just left watching the silly antics of Mr. Singh."[36]

Tushar Joshi from DNA wrote, "Singh is Bliing has some genuinely funny moments and Lara Dutta brings a certain freshness to the film."[37] India TV wrote, "Overall, Singh is Bliing does not disappoint. One steps in expecting mindless humour, entertainment and some fairly good performances and on that front the film delivers. That there would be a spectacular story was never an expectation anyway."[38]

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